Me My name is Xavier Parizet, i’m from France, and i’m using Gentoo for now about 6 years. I wrote this blog to try to aggregate all tips’n’tricks I can share with you about Gentoo, the best Linux distribution i met in my short life on this OS.

I’ve today one dedicated server running Gentoo 2008.0 with Xen 3.3.0 and threeGentoo guests, and of course a laptop running on ~x86 arch.

I’m trying to find a project to contribute to the Gentoo community, and i hope i’ll find one early enough. I’m currently active on the Gentoo User mailing-list, this activity mostly resumed to read it 🙂

I hope you’ll find some interesting tips on this blog, and feel free to let me know about your remarks or suggestion with comments to this post.

You can find my GPG Public Key on this blog or on some public key server like subkeys.pgp.net, his fingerprint being : C7DC B10E FC21 63BE B453 D239 F6E6 DF65 1569 91BF and so it’s short id 0x156991BF.


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